Frequently Asked Questions

How much will cost me the creation of an eBook?

The charge is proportional to the work that will be needed for the collection of the required material, to the size of the eBook and to the level of difficulty for creating the eBook.

Under no circumstances, the charge raises to the level of the charge of the printed version.

It is best to request an offer from Publishopia, exclusively for your own eBook.

What should I do and what kind of files must I give the Publishopia in order to create the eBook?

Depending on the topic, will be needed, mainly text, photos and video in digital form.

How much can be sold an eBook?

Depending on the purpose of the publication, an eBook can be available free of charge, or to be sold at a price that is appropriate to its size and quality.

Examples can be found at the electronic bookstore of Apple (iBookstore).

Where can I find the eBook after its creation?

All the eBooks, after their publication, appear in the electronic bookstore of Apple (iBookstore).

Anyone in the world who has an account in Apple, can buy (i.e. download) the eBook, after his or hers tour at the friendly and safe environment of iBookstore.

What is the format, .ibooks?

The .ibooks is the format supported by Apple for the eBooks in the iBookstore, and can be read only by devices with operating system OS X or iOS (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc).

What does the ’’multi-touch’’ offers me?

Simple eBooks are mostly text, while in the multi-touch eBooks there is interactivity with the user (reader), which allows him/her to enjoy tactilely, among other things, the videos, sounds, and music included in the eBook.

What does Publishopia offer?

Direct and personal communication and oversight throughout the development period of the eBook.

What is the percentage of the selling price for each eBook, reserved by the Apple platform?

30% on all eBooks for sale.

How much money will I earn as a writer (artist), from the sale of the eBook?

From the selling price of the eBook you should subtract 30% reserved by the platform of Apple (iBookstore). The remaining amount (or the 70%) distributed according to the prior negotiation between the author and the publisher.